Super Trashy Recycling Bag

This Vitamin A x Retold Recycling bag is the easiest way to give your old textiles a second life. These items will be donated, upcycled, or recycled. Less trash in our oceans, more space in your swim drawer. 


Essential Colors:

Limited Edition:




Step 1: Order the Super Trashy compostable bag.

Step 2: Fill your bag with any old clean and dry swim, clothes or household textiles. No shoes or accessories please.

Step 3: Scan the QR code + download your shipping prepaid label.

Step 4: Drop it off at your local USPS. Retold will take care of the rest.

Step 5: Feel good because you helped divert waste from a landfill.

After launching in 2020, Retold Recycling has diverted approximately 12 tons of textiles from landfill through their bagging service. Retold doesn’t only carbon-offset their bag freight to customers, but the bags are compostable & biodegradable. All items are sorted to thrift stores, rag companies, recyclers or donation centers.

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We believe style + sustainability are inseparable. All of our bikinis and bodysuits are sustainably made in California, from plant-based and recycled materials.
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As a proud member of 1% For the Planet, we give back to organizations who work to protect our oceans and the environment.